Trend forecasters at WGSN and color experts at Coloro teamed up to reveal the tones that’ll be trending in 2022.  There is natural earthiness and calm to some of these shades mirroring the need tor stability. Buttercream, Nature Brown, green quartz and Military Gold create a solid neutral scheme. However there are a few surprises thrown into this neutral palette. Dahlia Orange, and Tech Blue add a burst of hope into the season.       Tech Blue Pantone color 7692c "Tech Blue". Grounding, reassuring and safe. According to Pantones research, blue highlights our desire to build a reliable and stable foundation as we walk into a new decade. Blue is non- aggressive

You have bought a set of beautiful cotton napkins, but how to style them on your table? Here. there are no hard rules, try tapping into your creative side and take time to “play”. Once a style looks good and feels right then the real difficulty is repeating the process over again. There are some things, however, to consider when styling your napkins. How have you styled the rest of your table? If you have a plain colour tablecloth but striking napkins, then go bold and make the napkins the star of the show by highlighting them with grand styling. If the

  Wildflowers This year’s florals have taken on a new “Arty” look. As long as the florals are painted, drawn, spray painted, pressed, embroidered or abstract then they are bang on trend. Jungle/Tropical If you thought palm leaves were “so last season” think again! Spring/Summer 2020 brings back all that there is to love about the palm print and makes an even bolder statement with the introduction of jungle animals and exotic birds. Birds seem to be a huge hit this season. Safari Escape Lions, Giraffe, Elephant, Leopards and Zebra feature in this season’s print trend. Zebra is the go-to animal print and you will see

 Neo Mint A color that evokes a fresh take on futuristic advancements while keeping our feet firmly planted in nature. This color has already been seen interpreted in many ways in the fashion and home furniture space and will most likely be the biggest color trend of 2020. Cantaloupe Or as South Africans know “paw-paw”. It’s a milder, tonned down shade after the hot living coral shade of 2019. This seasons colors have been referred to as “rainbow macarons” due the pastel like hues. A tutti futti fun effect is at play when you combine the cool freshness of Neo Mint with the


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