Why the name Bveqqa?

I needed a word that encompasses more than most. I wanted a word that could extend to all aspects of the creative world and I couldn’t find one to suit, so, Bveqqa was born. It's name represents a limitless freedom in design possibilities.

Who is behind Bveqqa?

Sarah Rennison started the idea of Bveqqa in May 2018, it was just a concept at the time, and I had no idea where it would take me. I have a passion for styling, and with a background in Fashion and events styling I realized a dream. My design profile is trend forward whilst keeping an element of classic design in my products.

Why I started Bveqqa

I wanted a platform to create the new and exciting. Originally, I decided to make use of other designers printed fabrics which was great because they were readily available. The downside was that every now and then I would see my chosen print in someone else’s brand which didn’t adhere to my business vision. I concluded that I would need to start designing my own fabrics. My next collection;Spring/Summer 2020 is designed by myself and is exclusive to my Bveqqa.

Why is Bveqqa different from other linen brands?

Our print designs are daringly different and designed solely for Bveqqa, which means that you won't find our prints anywhere else. Our base fabrics are 100% cotton and of a superior quality. The dyes the digital printer uses are water soluble and Eco-friendly. Bveqqa also uses Imaguard technology to coat each of the fibers of the fabric to ensure easy removal of stains.