Bveqqa’s Spring/Summer 2020 Color Report

 Neo Mint

A color that evokes a fresh take on futuristic advancements while keeping our feet firmly planted in nature. This color has already been seen interpreted in many ways in the fashion and home furniture space and will most likely be the biggest color trend of 2020.


Or as South Africans know “paw-paw”. It’s a milder, tonned down shade after the hot living coral shade of 2019. This seasons colors have been referred to as “rainbow macarons” due the pastel like hues. A tutti futti fun effect is at play when you combine the cool freshness of Neo Mint with the warm shades of the cantaloupe color.

Purist blue

An optimistic tone that echoes the feels of spring and summer after a long Winter. Purist blue and Neo-mint are the cool tones to set off the cantaloupe, Cassis and mellow yellow this season. Where will you see it? Wall colors, décor accessories, lampshades and cushions.


Ah Cassis, the gender-neutral color of a conscious society.  Purple is the new yellow when It comes to gender neutral. Cassis can be paired with cantaloupe and mellow yellow to create a warm sunset experience. Cassis in my opinion will be more of a micro trend this season. 

Mellow Yellow

The new millennials color. This color has been toned down from its vibrant neon days, and is taking a bit of a second spot next to the color of the year; neo-mint. It is still as youthful as ever and can be paired nicely with Cassis and purist blues.

Polite pink

Seen in many celebs outfits at this year’s met gala, pink is still around but it takes on a more playful pastel approach and hot pink makes guest appearances amongst more interesting color pallets.

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