Napkin styling

Napkin styling

You have bought a set of beautiful cotton napkins, but how to style them on your table? Here. there are no hard rules, try tapping into your creative side and take time to “play”. Once a style looks good and feels right then the real difficulty is repeating the process over again. There are some things, however, to consider when styling your napkins.

How have you styled the rest of your table?

If you have a plain color tablecloth but striking napkins, then go bold and make the napkins the star of the show by highlighting them with grand styling. If the tablecloth is the star of the show, then, pair back your napkins slightly by making them smaller or knotting them for a stylish but elegant finish.

To include your cutlery into the napkin or not.

If your table starts to look a little cluttered with glassware and centerpiece's, then keep your napkin styling simple and perhaps with a pocket to “hold “your cutlery and create more space around the place setting.


Your guest needs to be comfortable in their space. Do not over clutter their area. The fabric of your napkins will also determine how many folding styles you are able to achieve, something to remember when shopping for your napkins. Please also remember that apart from looking the part, napkins should feel soft and luxurious against your skin.

Why use cloth Napkins?

Cloth napkins are re-usable which means they are environmentally friendly. Cloth napkins are larger than disposable napkins which means styling options are greater. The look and feel of a cloth napkin elevates any dining setting.


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Sarah Rennison